Leaf Collection


Curbside leaf collection is provided by the City of Avon in the fall only.  The Street Department will begin picking up leaves curbside towards the end of October through the first week in December, weather permitting.  After that, leaves will need to be bagged and put out for the regularly scheduled trash pick-up.  Please keep the following in mind when preparing leaves for the City to pick them up:

  • Leaves should be placed on your tree lawn area and NOT in the street.
  • Remove stones, branches and other debris to prevent equipment damage and worker injury.
  • Pile leaves away from storm drains, water meter covers, mailboxes and parked cars.
  • Leaf piles should be no further than seven feet from the curb so the machine can reach.
  • The crews follow a route throughout the city and they DO NOT veer from their route.
  • Our crews usually can get through the city in seven to ten business days; however, it can take as long as two weeks to complete a full route. This is dependent on how much is out there and whether or not there are more urgent concerns that the Street Department must address, especially due to snow and/or ice on the roadways.
  • If you have a great deal of leaves out, you may contact the Service Department at 440-937-5729 to notify them, however, larger piles do not take precedence over smaller piles.
  • Tall, ornamental grass cannot go through the chipping machine. It must be bagged and put out for trash pick-up.
  • After the first week of December, please place leaves in brown bags and put them out for Republic Waste to pick up.