Reasons to contact the service department

Public Issues & Safety Concerns 

Call 440-937-5729

  • Dead animal in roadway
  • Flooding and drainage concerns 
  • Maintenance related safety concerns
  • Potholes
  • Sign maintenance
  • Tree down in the road or ditches
  • Traffic light not working properly

Dead Animal in the Roadway
Contact the Service Department to remove a deceased animal in the roadway.
The City does not remove dead animals that are on private property.

Flooding and Drainage Concerns
If you have flooding in your front yard and/or near any drainage grates, first make sure there is no visible blockage that can easily be removed. If nothing is visible but there still seems to be a backup, please contact the Service Department to investigate the problem. NOTE: The City is responsible only for drains in the right-of-way, City named easements or City main blocks. Drainage issues to the back of a property, most often are the homeowners' responsibility. Sections 1050.51 and 1050.154 of the Avon Codified Ordinances prescribe the rights and responsibilities regarding the maintenance of the streams and major ditches. The City is not responsible on private property.

Maintenance Related Safety Concerns
If you see a problem that poses a safety hazard to the public in the streets, right of ways, easements and/or blocks, please contact the Service Department. Examples: exposed or downed wires, sink holes around a drainage grate, stop sign down or missing, debris in the roadway, etc.

Potholes sometimes develop very quickly, and we may not be aware of them.  Please contact the Service Department for patching.  Potholes are a priority and we do our best to patch them within a 24-hour period, Monday through Friday.

Sign Maintenance
If there is a street/traffic sign that is missing, leaning, and/or has fallen, please contact the Service Department for repair.

Tree Down in the Road or Open Ditch
The City is responsible to remove any trees that have fallen into the road or open ditches.  Please contact the Service Department for removal.  Any trees in the right-of-way are up to the homeowner to maintain, unless it is determined to be a safety issue.

Traffic Light Issue
If a traffic light is not working, flashing or does not seem to be cycling properly, please contact the Service Department to make sure they are aware of the problem. The City does have technology to alarm us if there is an issue, however, its always best to confirm that we are aware of the situation.