School Resource Unit

Avon started its School Resource Officer program in August of 2013. The Avon Police Department School Resource Unit is charged with providing liaison and services to community schools. The unit is made up of two School Resource Officers (SRO's) and is part of the Special Operations Division.

School Resource Officer’s provide the following services:

  • Create a physical presence at assigned schools and events
  • Serve as an informational resource to staff, students and parents on safety information and law
  • Implement new safety and law curriculum as needed to staff and students
  • Assess, Identify and report any vulnerabilities at assigned schools
  • Provide training to students and staff on safety and law
  • Remain mindful of incidents that happen in close proximately of the schools and address potential hazards or threats. 
  • Handle investigations at assigned schools
  • Increase communication, trust and build a positive relationship between students and the police department

Below is the current contact information for our SRO's:

  1. Patrick Sullivan

    School Resource Officer (High School)

  2. David Layne

    School Resource Officer (Middle School)

  3. Eric Bergen

    School Resource Officer (Elementary School)