Citizens Police Academy

The Avon Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is a 10 week program designed to acquaint individuals who are not sworn police officers with the functions, activities and philosophies of the Avon Police Department and the roles a police officer fulfills within the community. The CPA covers functions, equipment and specialized assignments of officers of the Avon Police Department as well as other aspects of the criminal justice system. In addition to regular topics, participants are afforded an opportunity to perform hands on activities and ridealong with an Avon Police Officer.

The Citizens Police Academy is a fun and interactive way to educate residents and develop positive relations with them. It is just one part of the Department’s constant effort to build community support, cooperation, and understanding.

The comprehensive curriculum includes a wide array of topics and presentations such as the following:

  • Police Academy
  • Field Training
  • Communications
  • Community Policing
  • Crime Prevention
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Crimes scene/ evidence
  • Firearms
  • Less lethal weapons
  • Use of force
  • Vehicle pursuits
  • Ohio Revised Code
  • Specialized units
  • Search and seizure
  • Juvenile Justice System

This year’s academy will consist of sessions one evening per week and on two Saturdays from September 5th through November 7th.

To find out more about about our next class please click the logo below:

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Applications can be located under the "Forms and Permits" tab.

Safety Town

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On June 12, 2023, the City of Avon will start their week-long Safety Town for incoming kindergarten students. 

Students learn about safety through one-on-one contact with teachers, volunteers and public safety professionals. A miniature city is used to teach students about street safety, to include pedestrian rules, stop lights and more. Students also learn about safety belts, 911, bus rules and respect for authority. A short graduation ceremony at the end of class allows parents to help  celebrate everything the children have learned.

To learn more about the program or register, please visit the City of Avon Parks and Recreation website.

Kid Print

Kid Print is a child identification card designed to give parents or guardians a useful tool in the unfortunate event that a child becomes missing or gets lost. This tool has the appearance of a driver's license and includes a full color photo, a right thumb print, date of birth and a physical description of the child. "Kid Print" is available at the request of businesses and organizations for community related events. 

To request "Kid Print" at a community event, contact the Avon Police Department at 440-934-7527. Button opens Kid Print PDF

Kid Print is a free service.

House Watch

Button opens fillable House Watch PDFThe House Watch Program is designed to provide homeowners a means of having their residence checked periodically by an officer when they are on vacation. In order to participate in the program, the home owner must complete the "House Watch Form" and submit it the police department three (3) business days prior to your departure.

Do Not Knock Registry

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In partnership with the City of Avon, this site was created to offer residents a quick and easy solution to be placed on the city's "Do Not Knock" list.

Teen Home Alone

The Teen Home Alone Program is designed to reduce or eliminate the opportunity for teenage underage parties to occur in the City of Avon, by parents and police working together to prevent unsupervised teenage parties.

Parents complete a Teen Home Alone House Watch Form, authorizing the Avon Police Department to stop at their residence should the Police observe suspicious activities during the dates listed on the form that indicate some type of unsafe or illegalOpens Teen Home Alone PDF in new window activity may be occurring.

Parents will be notified should anything of a criminal nature be found. Officers are duty bound to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

VIP Text Club

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By signing up for this service it will allow you to receive important community updates and information from the City of Avon.

Camera Registration Program

This program allows officers, residents and business owners to team up and fight crime. By registering your exterior surveillance cameras, we provide a database that investigators can use to help solve crime in your neighborhood.  

The Avon Police Department is not requesting direct access to your surveillance system. We would simply use theButton opens Residential Camera Program PDF in new window collected information to assist investigators on known locations of surveillance cameras. If a crime occurs in that area, police can directly contact the community member for assistance.

The Avon Police Department will continue to improve our service and partnership to the community, making the City of Avon one of the best places to live in Ohio.

Emergency Alert Registration

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By registering for this free program through through Lorain County,  you will receive emergency alerts and public service announcements. In the event of an emergency, these alerts will be sent to the phone number(s) and/or your email address you provide.