Conservation Tips

Monthly Conservation Tips

  • Stormwater runoff is when rain and snow melt move across the land and pick up pollutants, carrying them to a storm drain or ditch system and eventually to your rivers and lakes untreated. Make a plan to slow down, spread out, and soak in the precipitation this year to protect our shared waters. January
  • Wetlands provide a number of services for people and wildlife, including storing floodwaters, reducing erosion, purifying water, and providing habitat. They’re beautiful places to hike, paddle, and birdwatch. Help protect these ecosystems by maintaining a buffer strip of native plants along your wetlands, using pesticides and fertilizers sparingly, and picking up your pet waste. Respect and protect your wetlands! February
  • As winter begins to slowly loosen its grip, and you quickly develop the spring cleaning itch, keep water quality in mind: clean green! Household chemicals are potential sources of water pollution, making their way into local streams and rivers and eventually Lake Erie! By using natural cleaning products (easy to DIY) you can save money and protect yourself and your watershed from exposure to harsh chemicals. Happy Spring!   March
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