Hydrant Flushing

The City of Avon Fire Department flushes & tests fire hydrants annually. Flushing & testing is typically done May thru July each year. Annual hydrant flushing is necessary to ensure proper hydrant operations during fire emergencies. Hydrant flushing also helps with water quality and is done by the Utilities Department at times for this purpose. The Utilities Department also operates main line valves throughout the system on a yearly basis and flushes hydrants during that process to ensure proper valve function.    

The flushing may cause temporary discoloration of the water supply and residents should check the color of their water before washing clothes to guard against discoloring fabrics. While the water may appear unsightly, discoloration is due to the release of built-up mineral deposits present in all water mains. Typically running water in a sink or tub for 15 – 30 minutes will bring you clear water however, in some cases it is necessary to allow water in the water main more time for minerals to settle out.

We understand discolored water can be an inconvenience and unpleasant, but we ask residents to be patient as flushing is a necessary function of good water system maintenance.

Residents with questions regarding fire hydrant flushing should call The City of Avon Fire Department at 440-934-1222 or the Utilities Department at 440-937-5740.

Fire Department Email: contactfire@cityofavon.com

Utilities Department Email: contactutilities@cityofavon.com