Important Events Timeline

  1. 1930s-1950s
  2. 1960s-1980s
  3. 1990s-2000s
  4. 2010s-Current
  • February 1932 - The Avon Fire Department is formed with 11 volunteer firefighters. They have a Peter Pirsch International engine, and are housed in a lean-to structure that is added onto Avon Village Hall at Detroit Road and Stoney Ridge Road. Edward Casper is named the first fire Chief; he will hold this position until 1945.
  • March 1934 - Avon Firefighters receive pay for the first time. They are paid $1 for emergencies, and are compensated for attending training sessions. Training is held twice a month, and firefighters receive 50 cents a session up to a maximum of $10 per year.
  • May 1936 - Records for the fire department are hand written logs, no actual reports. It appears that the first structure fire that the Avon Fire Department responded to was during this month, and is considered the Conrad fire.
  • January 1945 - Lee Hubbard is named Avon Fire Chief; he will hold this position until August 1951.
  • June 1946 - A new Ford/John Beam fire engine was delivered, purchased by the Avon Volunteer Fireman's Association. This organization is responsible for purchasing most of the fire department's early equipment. They hold fundraisers, including dances, fish fries and carnivals.
  • November 1946 - The Avon Firefighter's turkey raffle is held. This has remained an annual event for 60 years.
  • January 1947 - Annual report given for emergencies in 1946. There were 18 calls with a property damage total of $5,000. An average of seven firefighters responded per call.
  • May 1947 - A dodge emergency wagon is delivered to provide basic emergency aid. It carries oxygen for patients, but is not used for transporting victims. It is not until 1974 that the Avon Fire Department utilizes rescue squad for transporting patients.
  • January 1949 - A used fire engine was purchased from Perry Township Fire Department. This Seagraves engine was acquired to meet Avon Village's needed water fire flow. A new fire station is built along with the rest of the municipal complex, which houses city hall and the police department. Located at 36774 Detroit Road (Now the Avon Senior Center), it was utilized last he main fire station until April 2003.
  • August 1951 - Harold Smith is named Avon Fire Chief; he will hold this position until April 1975.
  • January 1953 - The Avon Fire Department responded to 51 emergencies in 1952. Most of these are field and woods fires. Two calls are house fires.
  • June 1953 – A tornado strikes Avon. The fire department assisted people on Kinzel, Stoney Ridge and Case roads. No fatalities reported.
  • June 1954 - First report of a dump fire at the former Avon Village dump on Miller Road. There would be several of these fires throughout the years, keeping the fire department busy for several hours at each incident. Many of these fires would be intentionally set.
  • November 1956 - First report of a fire engine being sent on mutual aid. The engine responded to a garage fire on Webber Road in Avon Lake.
  • January 1957 - Three house fires in one month keep the fire department busy.
  • November 1958 - Barn fires on Colorado Avenue and Center Road took place in a 48-hour period.
  • December 1958 - Self-contained breathing apparatus purchased. These air packs allow firefighters to go into smoke filled structures to extinguish fires.
  • September 1959 - New emergency truck purchased. The Ford station wagon responded to medical emergencies.