Council Office

The Council Office is committed to open government and to serving you, the citizens of the City of Avon. Its mission is to facilitate communication, information sharing and participation by citizens in municipal government, while providing a necessary link between the legislative and administrative functions of the City.

Clerk of Council's Duties

Under direction, maintains the records of ordinances and resolutions passed by Council: prepares agendas and packets for Council meetings; attends and records the proceedings of Council meetings; plans, directs and implements the activities and operations of the Council Office; performs other clerical tasks in order to ensure the efficient operation of the Council Office.

  • Possesses knowledge and completes necessary training related to Public Records Law and Public Meetings Law, particularly Ohio Revised Code section 149.43 and section 121.22, respectively.

  • Is familiar with the Charter and the Codified Ordinances of the City of Avon.

  • In conjunction with the Council President, the Clerk of Council plans, directs, and implements activities and operations of the Council Office: serves as liaison between City Council and the Mayor's Office, other City staff, other governmental bodies and the public.

  • Coordinates scheduling of meetings and hearings; prepares and publicizes notices of Council meetings (regular, special, emergency, work session, committees of Council), public hearings and other Council meetings.

  • Coordinates with the Law Director and prepares agendas and packets for scheduled Council meetings.

  • Attends and records the proceedings of regular, special and work session meetings; schedules public meetings before Council and committees and assumes responsibility for the preparation and publication of the notification of public hearings.

  • The Council Office is responsible for transcribing audio recordings and preparing, submitting and maintaining the official minutes of Council.

  • Maintains an accurate and complete record of Council proceedings and maintains custody of all laws, ordinances, resolutions, and other official documents of Council in electronic and print form  consistent with the City of Avon records retention policy and schedule; (publishes, files, indexes, and cross-references); assists codifier in maintenance of current codified ordinances in electronic and print form; affixes signature to laws, ordinances and resolutions of Council in order to authenticate.

  • Performs other clerical tasks in order to ensure efficient operation of office (receives and responds to inquiries; prepares and submits legal advertisements and public hearing notices; prepares letters, memoranda, reports and other documents; maintains current Council information on City's website, etc)