welcome to the city of avon

When I was much younger, my dad told me to slow down and enjoy life. It was good advice that I did not understand when he said it to me. I do now, and I wish he was here so I could tell him, “Dad, I get it.” 

At the time, I was running a business and married with young kids. I followed in his footsteps and was elected to city council. I was always in a rush trying to get to certain places at certain times.  I was so wrapped up in reaching a destination and getting there as fast as I could, I missed out on a lot of other things. Looking back, I regret not slowing down to enjoy my kids as they grew up or things my family did together. It really hits home for me when I spend time with my grandkids. 

Recently, I was driving somewhere and realized I wasn't driving nearly as fast as I once did. I laughed because it reminded me of thoughts I once had about how older people drive. Now, I'm one of them. Then it dawned on me that they get it, too. Someone else said this more elegantly, but here's my take: the journey is as important as the destination. 

As we race through life, do we also miss chances to help those who need us – neighbors, coworkers, family members or friends? So many are hurting. It's even more complicated because we continue to be so divided when we should be leaning on and helping one another.

Today, I'm more appreciative of the journey. I realize how fast time goes by.  As Mayor, a husband, dad and grandfather, I am so much more aware of how blessed I am and I'm thankful for all my family has. Being Mayor of a city this size, I see others making my mistake racing from one place to another, hardly slowing down. I hope by sharing these thoughts, I can help someone else from making those mistakes. Just as importantly, by slowing down, more of us may be able to help those who need our help and support. Don't miss chances to find happiness through the journey.

Thank you for the privilege of being your Mayor.


Bryan K. Jensen
Mayor, City of Avon