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  1. Force Timberlake to hire their own security

    I see a kid getting bullied, ask them who they think they're going to jump and they shut up. I proceed to go to the office and tell them they can look and see the same kids in the same place and what...

    Jun 7, 2015 by Me (15 points)

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  2. Changing zoning from industrial to residential

    I own the property located at the corners of Mills & Jaycox Rds. Which is 13.59 acres. It is presently zoned Industrial. I am in the process of requesting to have it rezoned as Residential. I believe...

    Sep 25, 2016 by PETER MIROEWSKI (40 points)

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  3. New Crosswalk needed on Detroit

    Are there thoughts at putting in a crosswalk (preferably with flashing lights) on Detroit close to the new Avondale development entrance? There are many school-age children in both the Avondale and...

    Nov 6, 2018 by KSJB (5 points)

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