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  1. Citywide Fiber Optic Internet

    Several parts of the US already have access to fiber Internet, but Avon us not one of them. For our city to continue to grow, we need to provide our businesses, hospitals, educational facilities...

    Apr 27, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    43Votes Up 0Votes Down 15Comments

  2. City Map with Location of Future/Proposed New Buildings and Roads

    It would be nice to see on a map all the future and proposed new roads and business.

    Apr 28, 2015 by Michael Elwood (110 points)

    14Votes Up 0Votes Down 13Comments

  3. Widen Detroit Rd after Burger King

    Every year when Avon holds the Duct Tape Festival, the residents around Detroit Rd (Moon Rd, French Creek Rd & Colorado Ave) suffer the ill effects of the excess traffic. We can't get up down...

    Apr 27, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    12Votes Up 1Votes Down 1Comments

  4. Widen the roads, put in sidewalks

    It's great that these big name companies are coming to Avon (Meijer's, Cabella's etc), as well as the little guys that have built here, too, but the infrastructure of the city can't handle any more...

    May 18, 2015 by KPullin (11 points)

    14Votes Up 0Votes Down 10Comments

  5. Mayor Jensen: Avon need Fiber Network for cable, internet,

    In order to sustain growth, we need a better high speed internet. At present, we have two companies offering us broadband under the illusion of competition. Offering equal service while...

    Aug 2, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    16Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  6. Open up the Avon Facebook page

    If you visit Avon's Facebook page its closed to public submission accept to comment on what the city says. I say this is our Facebook page and we as residents have a right to speak our minds hear...

    May 26, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    8Votes Up 4Votes Down 3Comments

  7. I'd love to have a dog park in the city.

    Could there be a dog park set up in one of the city parks?

    Apr 4, 2015 by Deleted User (117 points)

    6Votes Up 0Votes Down 4Comments

  8. Remodel school for new City Hall, then build new City Hall in 5 years = Bad Deal

    Recently a story was posted on that the Jensen Administration would like to cohabitate the closing Village Elementary School with the Avon Board of Education. Apparently, this...

    May 27, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    7Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  9. Required trees in newly developed commercial property

    All the recent large scale commercial developments along Chester Road and Levin's at Nagel have destroyed large areas of trees. This website displays trees prominently in the banner to signify the...

    Apr 30, 2015 by Simon (8 points)

    15Votes Up 0Votes Down 5Comments

  10. Avon needs to give 100% tax credit for income earned outside Avon

    This morning the US Supreme Court ruled that double taxation of income is unlawful. The case before the court involved the state of Maryland who collects income tax off income earned from other...

    May 18, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    8Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  11. Sign Please!!!

    I would like a duck or geese crossing sign on Case Rd by Knoble farm. I live at 4411 Case Rd and just watched 2 baby geese get plowed over by a car. People are to go 35 on this road, but because it is...

    May 27, 2015 by Elizabeth Beholz (5 points)

    7Votes Up 1Votes Down 5Comments

  12. Force Timberlake to hire their own security

    I see a kid getting bullied, ask them who they think they're going to jump and they shut up. I proceed to go to the office and tell them they can look and see the same kids in the same place and what...

    Jun 7, 2015 by Me (15 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  13. Parks and Recreation Survey!

    Share your input! The Avon Parks and Recreation Commission would love to hear your ideas and feedback about our parks.

    Jan 12, 2017 by Tom Mitchell (12 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  14. How about bringing WOW into Avon, so we can have competition for out cable/internet?

    Avon seems to be very limited with cable/internet options. All we have is CenturyLink with their inadequate DSL service and Time Warner with over priced service. I notice all the communities around...

    Jun 5, 2016 by Charles Burns (13 points)

    4Votes Up 0Votes Down 5Comments

  15. Halloween event for kids

    Halloween is coming !!! The city together with the Public Library, YMCA and other participating businesses can offer a day of fun for families. Families and children who come to downtown Avon during...

    Sep 23, 2015 by RPatki (15 points)

    3Votes Up 0Votes Down 5Comments

  16. Speeding on Kinzel Rd. - how to fix?

    I commute daily down Kinzel Rd. It seems people do not adhere to the posted 25 MPH speed limit. I have been (unsafely) passed several times by people who feel that their time is too precious to stay...

    Jun 29, 2015 by bobNobody (28 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  17. Hazardous Waste Round Up Needed

    I think the city should consider having a hazardous waste round up a couple times a year. Other communities in the area conduct these round ups. It makes good sense to make it convenient for the...

    Apr 15, 2015 by EB (8 points)

    7Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  18. French Creek Bridge

    What a shame the city has let a landmark like the French Creek Bridge on Detroit Rd fall into such disrepair. Repair and paint is sorely needed and for immediate relief, just remove the broken down...

    May 21, 2015 by Dolores Kopacz (5 points)

    6Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  19. Direct access to communicate with city departments

    On the old site, the contact form made it quick and easy to send email directly to the necessary department. I can no longer find a way to do this. The only link I can find is

    Apr 27, 2015 by Michael Beatty (10 points)

    3Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  20. Please- a construction guide

    Agree with Mr. Elwood's April post-- please include a guide to all the new business construction in the city

    Aug 31, 2015 by Alice Eddings (10 points)

    3Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  21. Changing zoning from industrial to residential

    I own the property located at the corners of Mills & Jaycox Rds. Which is 13.59 acres. It is presently zoned Industrial. I am in the process of requesting to have it rezoned as Residential. I believe...

    Sep 25, 2016 by PETER MIROEWSKI (40 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments

  22. Avon needs a competing cable company

    The residents of Avon need an optional cable company to compete against Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable). With its current monopoly on service, Spectrum is free to slowly upgrade our...

    Mar 1, 2019 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    3Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments

  23. Mound Cemetery

    It would be great to spruce up the corner at 83 and Detroit , specifically Mound Cemetery. The flags need and should be replaced every year. They are tattered. We need some color to draw attention to...

    Apr 16, 2015 by Sharon (40 points)

    3Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments

  24. Left turn arrow at the intersection of Detroit Rd

    At different times during the day (the worst being 3pm to 4pm), it's next near impossible to make a left turn from Detroit to French Creek due to the amount of oncoming traffic. This intersection...

    Apr 28, 2015 by Michael Timko (159 points)

    8Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments


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