Curb Side Chipping

Curbside Chipping Service


Curb side chipping service is provided by the City of Avon throughout the year.  The Street Department will usually make their rounds on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, April through October.  Please keep the following in mind when preparing your branches for chipping:

✔  Branches should be placed in one direction on the tree lawn for pick up.

  Do not tie your branches together into bundles.

✔  Branches should be manageable in length and no larger than 6" in diameter.

✔  We do not pick up root balls from trees/shrubs, for they tend to jam and/or damage the chipper.

✔  We do not pick up tall ornamental grass.  

✔  Tall ornamental grass can be bound together in manageable bundles and placed on the tree lawn for bulk trash pick-up.

✔  Be sure NOT to include any leaves or other debris with your branches.

✔  Our crews follow a route throughout the City and they cannot schedule a specific date and/or time for pick up.

✔  Crews usually get through the entire City in a one-week period, however, it can take as long as two weeks to complete a full route. This is dependent on how much is out and whether-or-not there are more urgent concerns that the Street Department must address, such as snow and/or ice on the roadways.

✔  If you have a great deal of branches to be picked up, you may contact the Service Department direct at 440-937-5729.

  During the fall (late October through mid-December), leaves take precedence over branches.  (During this time, the chippers are removed from City trucks and leaf vacs are installed.)

✔  Christmas trees will be picked up from the tree lawns after the first week in January until the end of January.