Transaction Safe Place

A Safe Place to Complete A Sale

Residents and business owners who buy and sell on Craigslist or other exchange sites are permitted to conduct their cash transactions in the parking lot of the Police Department. With scams related to buying and selling over the Internet, a recommended safeguard is to conduct the transaction in a public location. Utilizing public places like the police department parking lot greatly reduces the potential for danger to the seller or the seller's family when compared to conducting the transaction in your home.

It is important to note however that items cannot be stored at the police department or in the parking lot.

Safety tips for conducting a transaction with an unknown buyer

  • Use a phone or camera to capture a photograph of the vehicle and license plate.
  • Only accept cash or a cashier's check for sale. Personal checks have some risk; however, the buyer can contact the listed bank to verify that the buyer has an active account before closing the transaction.
  • Conduct sales during weekdays so banking or financial institutions can be contacted if there is a problem.