The Patrol Division’s primary responsibility is to respond to calls for service, conduct preliminary investigations into crimes that are reported, maintain order, enforce the criminal and traffic code, identify community problems, work with members of the community and other outside resources to solve community problems, and to create a safe and comfortable community in which people can live, work and visit.

The Patrol Division is commanded by a Lieutenant and is organized into four (4) separate Platoons, an Administrative Section and the Canine Unit. There are currently six (6) Sergeants and twenty-two (22) Patrol Officers assigned to the division. Several of the division’s officers have specialized training that assists in meeting the Department’s Mission and goals. These officers are generally assigned to a standard Patrol Platoon rather than being separated into specialized work units. This approach is supportive of our Community Policing Philosophy and minimizes the natural barriers that tend to develop between specialized work units.

These specialties include:

Accident Investigation Unit

Bicycle Patrol Unit

Bomb Squad

Crisis Intervention Unit

Evidence Technicians

Field Training Officer Unit

K-9 Unit

Northern Border Initiative (NBI)