City Departments

  1. Building

    The Building & Zoning Department provides assistance and direction in the development of the city by maintaining and enforcing the standards set by City Council's zoning regulations.

  2. Economic & Community Development

    The Economic Development Department works to create, diversify, and enhance job growth and to promote business development and stability in the City.

  3. Engineering Department

    The City Engineer is involved in all aspects of development and infrastructure maintenance.

  4. Finance Department

    The Finance Department use their expertise to ensuring citizens get the most out of their tax money and the city stays on budget.

  5. Fire Department

  6. Garbage & Recycling

    Find out about garbage services and recycling initiatives.

  7. Human Resources

    You can find things related to personnel on this page

  8. Law Director

    The Law Director advises City Council and the Mayor regarding legalities of proposed legislations and interprets legal information.

  9. Mayor's Court

  10. Parks & Recreation

    Find all the places in the city where you can relax and have fun.

  11. Planning

    The Planning Department gives property owners information about city ordinances and what improvements may or may not be done on the land. They also indicate what permits are needed and what plans need to be submitted to the City.

  12. Police

  13. Senior Center

    Find out information about activities at the Center including transportation services.

  14. Service Department

    City Services include the Street Department, which is responsible for leaf pick ups, snow removal, street repairs, etc., and the Water / Utility Department.

  15. Utilities

    This page has information regarding utilities in Avon. Gas, electric, phone, cable

  16. Water

    The Water Department handles all sewer and water delivery services and provides billing for each.

  17. Zoning


  18. Staff Directory

  19. Lorain County General Health District